Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students

Updated: March 23, 2007

Henry I. Smith

Professor of Electrical Engineering , Co-Director, Nanostructures Laboratory.

Professor Karl K. Berggren , Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, Co-Director, Nanostructures Laboratory

Mark Schattenburg, Principal Research Scientist, CSR, Associate Director, Nanostructures Laboratory


Academic and Research Staff

  1. R.C. Fleming, Technical Staff, CSR
  2. R. Menon, Research Engineer, NSL
  3. Dr. E. Moon, Research Scientist
  4. M.K. Mondol, SEBL Facility Manager
  5. Kristine Rosfjord, Post Doc, QNN
  6. Dr. R. K. Heilmann, Research Scientist, CSR
  7. Tim Savas, Research Affiliate
  8. M. Walsh, Research Affiliate
  9. F. Zhang, Research Affiliate

Technical and Support Staff

  1. J. Daley, Lab Manager
  2. T. Kuhn,  Lab Administrator
  3. L. LaForce,  Lab Assistant

Visiting Scientists & Students

  1. J. Kupec, Visiting Student

Graduate Students

  1. M. Ahn, Research Assistant, CSR
  2. M. Akilian, Research Assistant, CSR
  3. V. Anant, Research Assistant, EECS
  4. W. Arora, Research Assistant, EECS
  5. C.-H. Chang, Research Assistant, CSR
  6. B. Cord, Research Assistant, EECS
  7. E. Dauler, Research Assistant, EECS
  8. T. Holzwarth, Research Assistant, EECS
  9. X. Hu, Research Assistant, EECS
  10. J. Leu, Research Assistant, EECS
  11. T. O'Reilly, Research Assistant, Mechanical Engineering
  12. A. Patel, Research Assistant, EECS
  13. S. Tsai, Research Assistant, EECS
  14. D. Winston, Research Assistant, EECS
  15. J. Yang, Research Assistant, EECS


  1. M. Araghchini, (Professor Kaertner)
  2. M. Bora, (Professor Baldo)
  3. F. Castano, (Professor Ross)
  4. S. W. Chang (Professir Thompson)
  5. L-Yu Chen (Professir Akinwande)
  6. P-W. Chuang (Professor Ross)
  7. N. Elman, (Professor G. Cima)
  8. H. Farhat, (Professor Kong)
  9. A. Giermann, (Professor C. Thompson)
  10. J. Guo, (Professor Ram)
  11. F. Hurley, (Professor Kasakian)
  12. F. Ilievski, (Professor Ross)
  13. J-H In, (Professor Barbastathis)
  14. N. Jovanovic, (Professor Kasakian)
  15. J-H Jang, (Professor Thomas)
  16. Y. S. Jung, (Professor Ross)
  17. J. W. Jung, (Professor Ross)
  18. D-H. Kim, (Professor DelAlamo)
  19. J. LaPenta, (Professor Paradiso)
  20. K. Milaninia, (Professor Baldo)
  21. B. Ng, (Professor Ross)
  22. A. Nichol, (Professor Barbastathis)
  23. J. Oh, (Professor Thompson)
  24. Y. J. Park, (Professor Moodera)
  25. O. Shamir, (Professor Kolodziejski)
  26. V. Sharma, (Professor Chiang)
  27. T-M. Shih, (Professor Kolodziejski)
  28. D. Smalley, (Professor Bove)
  29. S. Takahashi (Professor Barbastathis)
  30. N. Waldron, (Professor DelAlamo)
  31. Y. Wang, (Professor Thompson)
  32. R. Williams, (Professor Kolodziejski)

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