Annual Report 2005

Nanostructures Technology, Research and Applications

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  1. Nanostructures Laboratory
  2. Scanning-Electron-Beam Lithography (SEBL) Facility
  3. Spatial-Phase-Locked Electron-Beam Lithography
  4. X-Ray Nanolithography (XNL)
  5. Adaptive-Membrane-Mask Technology
  6. Imprint Lithography
  7. Nanometer-Level Alignment and Gap Control for Fluid-Immersion Lithographies
  8. Zone-Plate-Array Lithography (ZPAL)
  9. Interference Lithography
  10. The MIT Nanoruler: A Tool for Patterning Nano-Accurate Gratings
  11. Interference Lithography for Patterning Variable-Period Gratings
  12. Precision Nanofabrication Techniques for Microphotonic Devices
  13. Fabrication of 3-D Photonic Crystal (PhC) Structures
  14. Supercollimation of Light within Photonic Crystal Slabs
  15. Fabricaton of Quasiperiodic Photonic Band Gap Materials
  16. Electrically-Activated Nanocavity Laser using One-Dimensional Photonic Crystals
  17. Photonic Integrated Circuits for Ultrafast Optical Logic
  18. Development of birefringence free ridge wavegides for waveguide isolators
  19. Templated Self Assembly
  20. Templated Self Assembly of Nano-structured Materials
  21. Nanomagnets and Magnetic random access memories
  22. Membrane Folding to Achieve 3-D Nanostructures (Nano-Origami)
  23. Non-Conventional Electricity Sources for Motor Vehicles
  24. Measuring the Thermal Properties of Single Nanowires
  25. Diffraction Gratings for X-ray and atom-Beam Spectroscopy and Interferometry
  26. Publications

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